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Rowing Blazers

Green Number 2 Tee - Green

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These high tension cotton jersey t-shirts originated in the sport of polo, famously worn by iconic players like Prince Charles, Steve McQueen, and Laddie Sanford.
By the early 90s the number tee was appropriated by London’s youth skate scene and became a part of streetwear style history.
The competing pasts of The Original Number Tee are equally important in telling its story
One we think embodies the ethos of Rowing Blazers: transcending labels, embracing history, and devoting a meticulous dedication to authenticity.

- 100% cotton heavyweight tee with applique number on chest and wearer's left arm.

  S M
Chest 20" 21.5"
Shoulder (point to point) 17.5" 19.5"
Sleeve Length 14" 15"
Length 26" 27.5"

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