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Rowing Blazers

Argyll & Sutherland Highlander Rugby Shirt

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The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders stripe is one of the world’s most recognizable regimental patterns.
It made its way from the Scottish Highlands to the United States where ties in the stripe are worn by would-be professors and menswear nerds from coast to coast (and where it is erroneously misspelled “Argyle”).
We don’t love the tie - unless you served in the Thin Red Line - but we love the pattern itself when it’s blown up. In collaboration with Sports D'Epoque.

- Super heavyweight (400g / 14 oz.) rugby jersey with green, red, navy and yellow horizontal stripes.
- Handmade in Europe. 100% cotton, knitted in the traditional 12 gauge style.
- Stunning material and craftsmanship.

  S M
Chest 21" 22"
Shoulder (point to point) 17" 19"
Sleeve Length 29.5" 31.5"
Length 28" 30"

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