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Verner Normandy Sweater - Ecru/Navy

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Special Price ฿3,495.00

ราคาปกติ: ฿6,990.00

A classic Milano knitted crewneck, made with a Swiss lightweight merino yarn. This classic knit features engineered Breton (Normandy) stripes, a double layer ribbed collar, and clean finish hem and cuffs.

The Breton striped shirt has been a working mariner garment that was picked up by seafarers, fishermen and the French navy. Originating from Brittany, France, the Breton Stripes were introduced on March 27th, 1858, and was the prescribed seaman’s uniform. The stripes are white for the largest, 2 cm, and blue for the shortest, 1cm. Traditionally, there are 21 stripes on a Breton shirt, one for each of Napoleon’s victories. The classic design has withstood the test of time making it a true wardrobe staple in its many iterations.

-100% Pure Merino Wool
-Regular fit
-Made in Portugal

  S M L
Chest อก (1" below armhole) 48cm 50.5cm 53cm
Sleeve Inseam (ความยาววัดจากรักแร้) 54cm 55cm 56cm
Length (ความยาว) 63cm 65cm 67cm

* ฟิลด์ที่จำเป็น

Special Price ฿3,495.00

ราคาปกติ: ฿6,990.00


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