Onion + The Jam Factory Magazine Issue08

Credit : The Jam Factory Magazine
Styling by : Wear it Like a Man
Special Thanks to : Pahparn Sirima Chaipreechawit
Chanut Pattanapitoon + Apparels from Onion ,Beams ,JBB and Wear it Like a Man
Featured in The Jam Factory Magazine Issue 08 : July2015

This was really good that Onion’s got items picked up for styling from Mai Piyasil to shoot cover story of The Jam Factory Magazine.

What Chanut wears –
Orslow : Jacket
Velva Sheen : T-Shirt
Norse Projects : Trouser
Converse : Sneaker
Moonstar : Sneakers
New Balance : Sneaker
Backpack : Southern Field Industries
JBB : Suiting
Florsheim : Dress Shoes
Beams : Trouser
Visvim : Trouser

Jam Issue08 For Mail

Jam Issue08 For Mail02

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